Email Segmentation & Customer Profiling


Posted By Raja MuthurajFebruary 10, 2016

Narrow down the decision makers by asking the below questions: In what city, state or country is my customer in? In which industry? How big of a team should my client’s company have? How much revenue should they be generating? Who can make the decision to buy my product in that company? (who’s the decision maker responsible for buying your type of services/products Are they VC/Angel-backed? When was the company founded? Do t


Clean the Lead Database Regularly


Posted By Raja MuthurajFebruary 9, 2016

Remember, the B2B universe is not static. It is constantly changing. Many firms are here today and gone, moved, or reorganized tomorrow. This cycle can affect 25% of the entries in your B2B database, quickly making your lists outdated. That means one in eight leads is out of date every six months. You might need to acquire a smaller amount of lead data first for testing purposes so that you can prove its value. Purchasing high-quality B


Define your Lead Generation Strategy


Posted By Raja MuthurajFebruary 8, 2016

Setting Goals A grey or imaginary strategy will lead your company to seek the wrong market or fail to reach the right prospect. Core Issues Identifying where we stand in current market is crucial. Some existing markets may be monopolies or duopolies with incumbents holding dominant share. Unless you are attacking these markets with a multiple of the incumbents’ sales and market budget, a frontal attack is most often suicidal. Market segme