Clean the Lead Database Regularly


Remember, the B2B universe is not static. It is constantly changing. Many firms are here today and gone, moved, or reorganized tomorrow. This cycle can affect 25% of the entries in your B2B database, quickly making your lists outdated.

That means one in eight leads is out of date every six months.

You might need to acquire a smaller amount of lead data first for testing purposes so that you can prove its value. Purchasing high-quality B2B lead lists from a reputable vendor is always an attractive option, and the amount of money you invest on lead lists will be much less than the time and money spent on the required sales people-hours involved in generating the same.

For most small companies, data for leads and lists is expensive but can increase results dramatically. As various studies have shown, ROI is clear, especially when companies go from doing it themselves to outsourcing to professionals.

Test your data during the initial setup phase and give feedback to your Lead Partner. Don’t be discouraged when the Leads you acquire for the first time have gaps. This gap would eventually getting closer and vanish in around two months time. At a minimum, call about 100 contacts to find out if the information is current and complete. Also ensure that the companies on your list are focussed on your niche and as per the criteria set.

Make sure to have someone internal who can do testing for you and give regular feedback to the Lead Generation partner especially during the initial phase.

Clean the Lead Database Regularly

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