Define your Lead Generation Strategy


Setting Goals

A grey or imaginary strategy will lead your company to seek the wrong market or fail to reach the right prospect.

Core Issues

Identifying where we stand in current market is crucial. Some existing markets may be monopolies or duopolies with incumbents holding dominant share. Unless you are attacking these markets with a multiple of the incumbents’ sales and market budget, a frontal attack is most often suicidal.

Market segment - Find some characteristic of customers in an existing market that are not addressed by the competitors. It may be that a segment of the market has special needs, unaddressed by the incumbents. If so, entering via a niche strategy makes sense.

Effective ways to target the correct market segment
– most marketers understand the importance of email to their overall marketing strategy and recognize that it's not vanishing in the wake of other emerging marketing tactics like social media.

Define the Strategy

  • What is your core message?
  • Who is the target decision maker? What title do they usually have? What department do they work in?
  • What are our products’ coolest features, benefits, and impact?
  • What pains or possibilities do we address in our target marketplace?
  • What is our advantage over the competition: price, quality, speed, or service?
  • What is our Unique Selling Position (USP): the single, coolest, most powerful posture we can take in the market?

Niche market:

  • Geographic attributes – Where are the best and worst companies located? How far are they from your office?
  • Industry characteristics: What sector and/or subsectors does the company serve?
  • Age – How long has the company been in business?
  • Creditworthiness – Does the company have a high or low credit score?

Find your lead generation partner

Look for partners:

  • Who could explore across the geographies?
  • Who could provide consistent volumes from one month to the next?
  • Who validate the leads before sending them through to you?
  • Who do not just scrape the information online and send it without manual touch?

Try salesleadforce who fits in all the above criteria and would be a compatible fit for your business.

Define your Lead Generation Strategy

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