Who uses salesleadforce?

Basically the companies who wish to add quality leads into their sales pipeline, ensure to keep up their credibility score out of email campaigns by reducing email bounces and largely used by the companies who have less branding for their products / services, and with the company size less than 50 employees.

How is salesleadforce different from other lead generation services?

We manually generate leads and do not use any kind of automation techniques throughout the life-cycle of generating leads, and every batch of contacts is validated in real-time to make sure they are active / recent. This will ensure that there is no false positive leads into the sales pipeline.

What are the sources used to generate leads?

We largely use LinkedIn as the primary source to generate contacts (Name, Title, Location and Company), and the social media channels, websites, trusted blogs, people sourcing sites & email validation tools.

What are the industries salesleadforce have worked before?

Human resource, Construction, Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical, Healthcare, IT, Consulting & Retail

Can you extract leads from any part of the world?

Ideally we will be able to extract contacts from any part of the world provided if they have some kind of an online presence like websites, social media channels or blogs. Example, we would not be able to find all the needed information if the criteria is to find senior VP sales in manufacturing sectors of an east African country like Uganda if they do not have an online presence.

Do we really have to share our Customer details to understand our niche?

No, you do not necessarily have to share your Customer details. However, an example Customer avatar in each of the target segment with an example company would help us to determine the direction in which you focus.

Do you do email campaigns and track the performances?

Yes, we handle this on request. Our team handles the set up, initial email responses and forwards the positive responses to your sales team to take it forward. We do not handle calls.

Lead Enrichment

What are the deliverables?

An excel spreadsheet or CSV with Name, Title, Company, Address, Phone and Email. Rows are highlighted to let you know the good and bad ones. Basically, the data points are same as you send us from your database

How it can help you?
  • Turn useless leads into new opportunities
  • Would define the key characteristics of your best customers
  • It helps you to validate the best and trusted lead sources
  • Brand consistency

Lead Generation

What are the deliverables?

An excel spreadsheet or CSV with Name, Title, Company, Address, Phone and Email. The spreadsheet could be made compatible for any kind of imports used for Salesforce, Mailchimp, Toutapp, etc.

Are the emails recently validated?

Yes, we do this process after extracting the contact information.

Do you generate the leads manually?

Yes, we generate leads manually. We have professionals who are experienced in identifying the right prospects and generate leads that meet your criteria to target the niche market.

What are the tools used?

We use various tools to ensure that the emails can be delivered.  For instance, a tool used for looking up the SMTP server responsible for the e-mail address and establishing an SMTP connection to ensure the email Id is correct.

How it can help the sales team?
  • Spend more time selling rather than doing internet research and data extraction
  • Connect with potential contacts who are most likely convert as customers
  • Scale your business with hand-picked leads

Prospect Research

What are the deliverables?

A document with a report on prospect’s summary, education background, employment background, company info, product or service offerings, recent press releases of the company, blog posts and social media links.

How it can help you?
  • We are living in the age of context, and using relevant information to create a unique experience for each prospect will yield a more productive start to the sales process.
  • Frame a conversation in a better way.
  • It’s made easy for the sales rep to ask questions like - “I noticed that you've been using affiliate marketing channel. How well has this been working? Have you been able to hit your traffic goals? Why, or why not?"
  • Save you time and energy by reaching out to the right prospect, with the right message, at the right time
  • Personal conversation helps to maximize opportunities

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