In a typical sales roadmap we act as an extended sales team, managing major processes, adding values and being part of successfully achieving goals in closing deals. We largely focus on email generation and scheduling meeting processes. However, we do conduct email campaigns for some of our Clients using third party tools like Mailchimp, Toutapp, etc., on request.


We manually hand-pick each leads based on the criteria set and fill your sales pipeline with qualified leads. This is basically an excel spreadsheet with the data points - Company, Name, Title, Email and Phone. It could be easily customizable for any CRM imports.


We clean your existing databases by real-time validations and highlight the good and bad ones. This would certainly stop the decaying leads and create new opportunities. (48m candidates changed jobs last year!)


Knowing as much as you can about a potential prospect before you reach out can save your time and energy by reaching out to the right prospect, with the right message, at the right time. We are living in the age of context, and using relevant information to create a unique experience for each prospect will yield a more productive start to the sales process. We help you to get the information you need to quickly refer before going on a call.

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